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RokSprocket Integration


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A showcase or slideshow layout mode for displaying image and/or text based content.


A horizontal centric grid based content rotator, for the display of multiple image/text content blocks.


Custom content items in a tabbed format, whether top, bottom, left or right, for flexible content display.


A dynamic content grid layout type, to display sortable and animated image and/or text content blocks.

Multiple Menu Options

Navigation is a fundamental pillar of any website as well as the template, and Epsilon offers several configurable options to best suit your navigational preferences, for both desktop and mobile device types.


A CSS based menu system with multiple columns and other advanced per menu items options.


A static menu that displays parent items in the header and child items in the sidebar, as configurable.


A mobile responsive menu that displays all items in a tree structure, slidable from the side via a toggle.


Another mobile responsive menu option that uses the device's inbuilt select box element.

Free GPL Template Framework

Gantry is a powerful core framework, that sits at the heart of Epsilon, providing the foundation for the major, standarized features and functions, such as the rich and intuitive, custom template manager interface.


Gantry allows for module positions to be split into configuration grids on a per menu item basis.


The LESS compiler is built into Gantry, an extended CSS language that allows for easier development.


Custom module layouts and chrome, as well as per-version template overrides are available.


A custom administrative interface in the template manager allows for swift configuration.

Diverse Element Styling

The template has a rich assortment of styled elements, ranging from custom, contemporary typography to numerous, configurable preset style variations, and a flexible selection of stylistic and structural module class suffixes.


A selection of six, diverse preset style variations, with numerous available customization options.

Module Style

Choose from eight compoundable module class suffixes to adjust title and/or full module styling.

Module Layout

An array of structural suffixes are available to individually adjust padding, margins and font formats.


A diverse inventory of typography from Bootstrap as well as FontAwesome, to enrich content.


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  • Custom Shapes

    Quick, Easy & Visually Effective

    Epsilon uses a combination of custom template images, overlays and SVG masks to proliferate hexagons throughout the template.

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  • FontAwesome

    Content Enhancement

    Over 300 icons are available with FontAwesome, which allows for the easy implementation of icons into your content, to spruce up the feel.

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What People Are Saying About Us

A diverse array of features to enrich your side, provide great flexibility as well as ease of use and swift customization.
  • A beautiful and rich selection of typography, based on Bootstrap, to emphasise and embellish content. Leo ParryCEO of Hexeris
  • A custom Joomla installation package that installs a near equivalent of the demo onto your server. Daniel LeeCEO of Praxis
  • Choose from six preset style variations, with configurable options for text, link, accent, and background colors. Troy MichieCEO of Stratos
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An overview of the latest Joomla template offerings from RocketTheme, available for individual purchase or part of a club subscription.

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Paradigm is a rich infusion of elegant transparency with a modern frame, to create an invigorating site.

Header Images

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